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We welcome you to a new world where the accelerated evolution and growth of business is now unfolding.

As decentralized technology improves and becomes accepted, current means of creating lucrative businesses are rapidly becoming obsolete. This is spurring dynamic entrepreneurs to seek new ways of getting their professional ideas into action. Our groundbreaking application provides a new way for prospective startups to gain the capital and exposure needed to achieve their greatest potential.

Pitch allows innovative entrepreneurs to quickly launch token sales and sell a portion of tokens via live video pitches to seasoned business experts. An engaged, live audience has the ability to actively participate by leaving their own questions and comments during the pitch, and also instantly and easily buy tokens for any projects that catch their attention.

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Who benefits from PITCH?

The PITCH project aims to reduce friction and move things faster for all parties who wish to participate in token sales.

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The PITCH project empowers entrepreneurs/startups to easily connect with investors, business experts, and live audiences. It will power the future of token sales for projects of all sizes.

The Pitch Team

Core Team


Project Timeline

Feb 28th, 2018

Token sale launches.

Feb 28th, 2018

Integration of ERC-20 tokens with existing iOS app for payments.

8 Months

Pitch DAPP v1 released on testnet.

12 Months

Pitch DAPP running live on mainnet. Data migrated from centralized app.

15 Months

Begin rewarding investors who appear on platform.

17 Months

DAPP runs on iOS and Android mobile app as well as Apple TV.

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