Is there a fee required to utilize platform?

Yes there is a fee to have your project listed on the platform. To find out more about the packages we offer please visit www.pitchinvestorsnow.com

Listing on the platform can also be paid for in PITCH token.

Does the token sale fund startups?

NO - The company does not fund, nor make any decisions concerning any entrepreneurs or start ups who utilize the platform.

Does the company manage user PITCH tokens?


Will PITCH be tradeable for other tokens on the platform?

Currently it is not. We plan to enable this function within the platform. However, this is not currently enabled and people should not buy PITCH tokens in order to use it for this application.

Where is the team based?

Mainly in South Florida, but also in other States, Illinois and Chicago, and other parts of the world, Greece and Pakistan.


What is the PITCH token?

PITCH is an ERC-20 token. That’s just a standard token that is powered by Ethereum.

Where can I store my PITCH tokens?

PITCH can be held on Ethereum wallets that support ERC-20 tokens. A good example is MyEtherWallet.

How soon can I transfer my PITCH to someone else?

As soon as the token sale ends. This is a feature of ERC-20 tokens.

Will there be a PITCH Core, like Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin core is an implementation of the Bitcoin client. PITCH is an ERC-20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

What do the PITCH tokens actually do?

It is the currency that Pitch Investors Live users use to access, participate and utilize the platform. Our intention is to offer multiple services on the platform that can be paid for only using PITCH tokens (in other words, people cannot buy those services using USD or BTC, for example).

The PITCH token connects entrepreneurs to potential investors who can ask them questions in front of a live audience. The platform also allows entrepreneurs to sell tokens to both the audience and the investors. The platform features include:

1. Create pitch summaries. 2. At some point, swap/trade PITCH tokens with tokens startups are offering (the swapping mechanism for this is under development).

How can I use a PITCH token now?

PITCH can be used by entrepreneurs who want to appear in a live session on the PITCH INVESTORS LIVE platform. In exchange for PITCH, entrepreneurs receive credits on the platform that they can use to submit “pitch summaries” that investors can look at when deciding who to go live with.

Do I have to buy tokens to participate in what will be pitched?

YES - to buy tokens in projects that pitch.

YES - to create a pitch.

NO - to watch a pitch.

Websites with the name pitch that have nothing to do with PITCH INVESTORS Live:
On what exchanges is the PITCH token available?

Currently PITCH token is available on HitBTC as well as IDEX.

Can I hold PITCH on Coinbase?

No - Never try to hold PITCH on Coinbase or exchanges that do not explicitly support it.

How many tokens are available?

1,618,000,000 is the total supply.

Is the PITCH token trademarked?

Trademark application has been filed.


What is the official name of the token?


What is the official name of the platform?



The web/iOS platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors for live video pitches in front of a live audience.

Is PITCH a security or SAFT?

NO - PITCH is a strict utility token purchase with the intent that it be utilized on the platform only and not for the purpose of acquiring any returns or profits.

What is the official name of the platform?

2UP Technology, Inc is the primary entity developing the product.

Does the company have ownership in the token PITCH?

2UP Technology team members own some of the PITCH supply. More information on the website about that. Tokens don’t represent equity in the company. However we ultimately plan to allow holders of PITCH tokens to swap PITCH tokens for tokens offered by companies/projects that pitch on the platform. We don’t make any decisions in that regard.


What is the purpose of PITCH INVESTORS LIVE?

To make it simpler for entrepreneurs to launch quality projects. Allow the average person access to early stage future unicorns. Destroy geographic barriers to VC funding.

What are two websites associated with PITCH INVESTORS LIVE?
Where can we subscribe for updates and notifications?

Follow us across social media!

Why is PITCH valuable?

We are not claiming that PITCH has any particular value beyond utility on the platform. Just like many other tokens and cryptocurrencies, the purpose of PITCH is to pay a software system to use it in some way. This is why we call PITCH a “utility token.” We also do not make any claim that the price of PITCH will increase or that anyone will want to buy it from you.

Why does PITCH need to be on the blockchain?

First off: If you were a marketing agency in the early 1990’s using traditional physical media for promotion and you saw the internet coming out, and knew the power that it would hold... Would you stay doing traditional media while a much more possibly powerful outlet was introduced to the world? Many people missed the boat to not looking far enough ahead. Blockchain is pretty similar. As a futurist, I see a very bright future for Blockchain/crypto/tokens and decentralization for the world.

- ICO’s and Token sales are having issues with illegitimate and unethical companies with no value that are launching on the blockchain. Our platform will not only vet them through our accredited investors and experts grilling them live but we also have something called information mining which will allow regular people to “mine” (contribute) information about these ICO’s and token sales for “rewards” via based token compensation.

- Also be mindful at the growth and speed that these ICO’s are launching, they recently passed early stage venture capital and are growing exponentially. So many regular startups are going the blockchain route rather than the traditional FIAT route. -Putting our platform on the blockchain will allow for there to not be any centralized platform to possible censor or favor one startup over another. Full transparency.

- Using Cryptocurrencies will allow anyone from around the world to participate without middle men (banks and institutions). We’re going to work to make as many aspects of this platform uncensorable and as un-owned as possible.

How can I pitch on Pitch?

You can get started by creating an account on the app!
Apple: www.pitchios.com
Android/Desktop: app.pitchinvestorslive.com
Once you have created an account take a look at our packages and select one that is right for you: www.pitchinvestorsnow.com
If you have any questions regarding packages or how it works please message us on our Facebook fanpage or send us an email at info@pitch.ventures

What is the total number of PITCH tokens?

Our total supply is 1,618,000,000 PITCH

The total number of PITCH tokens being sold during our 8 round token sale is 323,600,000. You can find more details on our whitepaper.
Click here to download our whitepaper

What I’m curious about is what is to keep a spectator from stealing an idea when an entrepreneur is pitching investors?

We can’t speak for all cases as they may be different. Entrepreneurs make the decision to expose their idea based on a multitude of factors.

Some things an entrepreneur may do to protect his or her idea include:
- Getting a patent or trademark.
- Having huge momentum or a community.
- Have secrets that they keep unknown.

Remember, one thing that can never be stolen or faked is passion.

How do you Vet investors?

Our investors are all accredited, and apply through our application process. https://pitchinvestorslive.com/investor

How do I know there are actually investors using the app?

Every day we have pitches happening live on our app, and those Pitches get streamed across our various social media channels for everyone to see. We also have an email list of Investors that we send out the latest products, ideas, and services of those who buy our $497 and $997 packages.

Since it is new, how many people have secured investment so far?

This is hard to gauge. Most of the deals happen offline but we know for sure of 2-3 deals so far.
It is up to the entrepreneur to relay details of the follow up conversations at their discretion.
We also have a number of testimonials on our youtube.