Is there a fee required to utilize platform?

YES - paid in PITCH token.

Does the token sale fund startups?

NO - The company does not fund, nor make any decisions concerning any entrepreneurs or start ups who utilize the platform.

Does the company manage user PITCH tokens?


Is there an available airdrop service?


What is the goal during the sale?

Selling 20% of token supply for 31,000 ETH.

When will PITCH become available on exchanges?

We have initiated discussions with several exchanges, but do not have a timeline for this yet. Of course, since PITCH is an ERC-20 token, we expect that many decentralized exchanges will support trading of PITCH, although, again, we make no claims to that effect.

Examples of decentralized exchanges include EtherDelta and TokenTrader (by AirSwap). At this point, we are not promising that PITCH will be tradeable on any platforms and people should not buy PITCH assuming that it will be tradeable on any particular exchange.

Will PITCH be tradeable for other tokens on the platform?

Currently it is not. We plan to enable this function within the platform. However, this is not currently enabled and people should not buy PITCH tokens in order to use it for this application.

Where is the team based?

Mainly in South Florida, but also in other States, Illinois and Chicago, and other parts of the world, Greece and Pakistan.


What is the PITCH token?

PITCH is an ERC-20 token. That’s just a standard token that is powered by Ethereum.

Where can I store my PITCH tokens?

PITCH can be held on Ethereum wallets that support ERC-20 tokens. A good example is MyEtherWallet.

How soon can I transfer my PITCH to someone else?

As soon as the token sale ends. This is a feature of ERC-20 tokens.

Will there be a PITCH Core, like Bitcoin Core?

Bitcoin core is an implementation of the Bitcoin client. PITCH is an ERC-20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

What do the PITCH tokens actually do?

It is the currency that Pitch Investors Live users use to access, participate and utilize the platform. Our intention is to offer multiple services on the platform that can be paid for only using PITCH tokens (in other words, people cannot buy those services using USD or BTC, for example).

The PITCH token connects entrepreneurs to potential investors who can ask them questions in front of a live audience. The platform also allows entrepreneurs to sell tokens to both the audience and the investors. The platform features include:

1. Create pitch summaries. 2. At some point, swap/trade PITCH tokens with tokens startups are offering (the swapping mechanism for this is under development).

How can I use a PITCH token now?

PITCH can be used by entrepreneurs who want to appear in a live session on the PITCH INVESTORS LIVE platform. In exchange for PITCH, entrepreneurs receive credits on the platform that they can use to submit “pitch summaries” that investors can look at when deciding who to go live with.

Do I have to buy tokens to participate in what will be pitched?

YES - to buy tokens in projects that pitch.

YES - to create a pitch.

NO - to watch a pitch.

Why not accept Dollars, ETH, or BTC for payment?

We want people who hold PITCH to control a piece of the network. The platform is a service to those who own PITCH. We do not want to allow a pathway around this.

What if someone doesn’t have PITCH and wants to use the platform?

They must buy PITCH to use the platform.

Isn’t it a hassle to ask people to trade ETH for PITCH and then use it on the platform?

In software, many things that appear simple are actually complicated and involve many steps. Our plan is to obscure any difficult or annoying steps in order to make life easier for users. This is done at the level of the user interface (UI).

Websites with the name pitch that have nothing to do with PITCH INVESTORS Live:
On what exchanges is the PITCH token available?

NONE. Currently, we are in discussion with several exchanges. We are not promising that we will list PITCH on any exchange. People should buy PITCH to use on the Pitch Investors Live application and not for profit because it is purely a utility token.

Can I hold PITCH on Coinbase?

No - Never try to hold PITCH on Coinbase or exchanges that do not explicitly support it.

How many tokens are available?

1,618,000,000 is the total supply.

Is the PITCH token trademarked?

Trademark application has been filed.


What is the official name of the token?


What is the official name of the platform?



The web/iOS platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors for live video pitches in front of a live audience.

Is PITCH a security or SAFT?

NO - PITCH is a strict utility token purchase with the intent that it be utilized on the platform only and not for the purpose of acquiring any returns or profits.

What is the official name of the platform?

2UP Technology, Inc is the primary entity developing the product.

Does the company have ownership in the token PITCH?

2UP Technology team members own some of the PITCH supply. More information on the website about that. Tokens don’t represent equity in the company. However we ultimately plan to allow holders of PITCH tokens to swap PITCH tokens for tokens offered by companies/projects that pitch on the platform. We don’t make any decisions in that regard.


What is the purpose of PITCH INVESTORS LIVE?

To make it simpler for entrepreneurs to launch quality projects. Allow the average person access to early stage future unicorns. Destroy geographic barriers to VC funding.

What are two websites associated with PITCH INVESTORS LIVE?
Who is the Bounty Manager?


Where can we subscribe for updates and notifications?

On our website, click “register” and enter your email address.

Is there a referral link for airdrop registration?


Why is PITCH valuable?

We are not claiming that PITCH has any particular value beyond utility on the platform. Just like many other tokens and cryptocurrencies, the purpose of PITCH is to pay a software system to use it in some way. This is why we call PITCH a “utility token.” We also do not make any claim that the price of PITCH will increase or that anyone will want to buy it from you.